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Welcome to Happy Kids Osowa

For detailed information please call the Headmistress directly.


Kindergarten ages 2.5 - 6,
Primary School ages 7 - 15 

Built in 2010 and further expanded in 2012 Happy Kids Osowa is one of the Tricities' newest private school and kindergarten. Located in Gdańsk Osowa, our school and kindergarten is situated in a quiet suburb well connected to the rest of the cities.

Happy Kids Osowa

The location is close to the city's Natural Grassland, Forest and Lake area, this area boasts a rich ecological history of plant and animal life unique to the coast of the Baltic Sea. The forests and grasslands provide a living laboratory for environmental education and interpretation. Our school and kindergarten playground sits adjacent to the Tricity National Park and is quite close the Public Zoo, affording our children and students the fortunate opportunity to embrace nature in their own backyard! Our kindergarten and school was designed with the learner in mind to encourage optimum learning and student engagement.

The following are a few of our facility's highlights: - a spacious modern building for the kindergarten, - a new, built in 2012, building for the school with a gym and a large swimming pool, - large classrooms that are brightly lit by an abundance of natural light, - a universal computer room, - a small swimming pool for small children and a large one for school children and adults, - tennis court access - spacious gym, - all classrooms are equipped with sound field systems - every child has a personal locker - a garden created by specialists and students, teachers and parents adorns the back and front of our school

Our current enrolment is high and we have a total of 9 classrooms in our first building and 12 in the new one. Housed within our school, the wholy independant kindergarten registers approximately 6 groups of preschoolers each fall that contribute wonderfully to Happy Kids Osowa feeling of family.

Happy Kids Osowa is culturally diverse and welcomes all students -- of every culture and faith. We have developed strong partnerships with the Uniwersity of Gdańsk, the University of Warsaw and many famous publishing houses. We teach primarily in Polish, however most teachers communicate in English.

With strong international ties to many educational institutions we have the ability to provide our students with the best possible education and our children with a safe and stress free environment. Our staff is well equipped to deal with all and any possible scenarios from a cold winter day afternoon to a sunny day by the lake.

Our students are encouraged to construct their meaning from learning and become active and engaged learners. Our teachers are exemplary and in the Primary School employ a high rigour of academic standards.

We especially take pride in our two learning initiatives at our school:

Academic Literacy: the study of Reading Strategies

Physical Literacy: the study of Health, Wellness and Fitness

Happy Kids celebrates its distinction as a Nutrition Positive School and Kindergarten, an In Motion School, and a QDPE School.

We are also a Destination Conservation School as our roots have always had an environmental focus.

We have an active School Community Council and Home and School that ensures school governance and student needs take precedence in all decision-making.

Happy Kids is an exciting and vibrant school with the very best staff who work hard to provide a well-rounded education for children. We have so many learning opportunities that we would love to share with you.

Call the Headmistress for more information !